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Korrekturspuren / Traces de corrections

BY: Rose de Claire, Design. FOR: Centre national de littérature (CNL)

Korrekturspuren / Traces de corrections

Since every creative work, be it in architecture, design, painting or literature, is usually marked by many revisions, changes and corrections in the process up to the final stage, the Centre na-tional de littérature in Luxembourg set out on a search for these corrections. An exhibition was created to document such “traces” in different literary works, translating them into systematic categorisation. It shows the works of the authors in their struggle of finding the right words and forming them into the right sentences. The exhibition displays feature one original work each for visitors to look at and explore through a tiny window serving as a magnifying glass. The ex-hibition catalogue in 24 x 30 cm format comprises 400 pages and is bilingual, covering German and French. The design conveys the exhibition concept of presenting original works through coloured notes of paper inserted into the pages. Readers thus have the feeling of holding an original work in their hands.

Der Ausstellungskatalog « Korrekturspuren/Traces de correction » des Centre national de littérature wurde am 4. November bei der Red Dot Gala in Berlin mit dem Red Dot Award Best of the Best ausgezeichnet.